Day of Coordinator

A day of coordinator is actually misleading. There is coordination going on long before your special day. We recommend you meet with our day of coordinator as early as possible in your planning process but it should not be any later than 2 months before the wedding.


We provide different levels of Day of Coordination (DoC) depending on your needs. Regardless of the level you choose we meet with you as early as possible in your planning process to help you arrange a time line for your special day. The initial consultation will include a general time line that will change as your go further in your planning but it will provide you a guide.

Four weeks before the wedding we finalize the events time line as well as your personal time line.

1. Location and time
2. Vendor agreements-What services they are providing and their time lines, Contact info
3. Any special requests for vendors

One week before the wedding

1. Contact vendors and confirm their time line
a. Catering, decorating, music, entertainment
2. Contact transportation to venue and verify
3. Tweak event and personal time lines as necessary
4. Verify bridal party names
5. Coordinate with person responsible for delivering/bring guests favors
6. Rehearsal dinner
7. Coordinate with wedding officiator
8. Time the ceremony
9. Review the ceremony position and agree on cues for wedding party
10. Review music positions and choices
11. Distribute time line to vendors, maid of honor and best man

Day of event

1. Ceremony Preparation
2. Verify vendors have arrived and are on time
3. Set up ceremony items; programs , candles, guest book, pictures
4. Make sure time line is followed and events occur on time